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If You Have Balance, You Are Not Moving Forward


© Shawn Stratton

Leading on the Edge – Getting Paid to Learn

In my latest keynote presentation, ‘Leading on the Edge’, I decided to take on the concept of balance. In today’s work culture, teams’ Work-Life Balance is especially a major concern. However, balance is not all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, how many people do you know who have achieved it in their personal or professional lives?

If we find ourselves in perfect balance, then we are not moving forward. (tweet that).   

Now this may sound baffling, but let me explain. Leaders leading from the edge are actually leaning forward without walking off the edge. They push the boundaries of what they think is possible, leaning into their role to improve, achieve, lead, and LiveMore ™.

To be a successful leader, you shouldn’t be satisfied with mediocrity brought on by a balanced stat. You need to start leading from the edge, i.e. constantly look for ways to improve your leadership skills so that your team and you can finally reach your full potential.

Professional Development Budget

Are you maximizing your professional development budget? Nowadays, there is an almost endless list of professional development opportunities to improve knowledge and skills. The question is: are you utilizing these opportunities to lean forward?

In my years working with different organizations, I am always shocked when to learn people are not taking advantage of the professional development funding that is available to them. In one case, I received more funding than I should have been allotted to attend a national conference. However, because very few others in the organization were taking advantage of their funding, I was given much more. In fact my CEO was surprised and thrilled that I took the initiative to ask for it.

At another organization, I received funding for travel and courses that many of my peers were paying out of pocket to be part of, if they were doing them at all. In this case, they were either to lazy or unorganized to fill in the application in time or did not know the funding existed.

Leaders Learn

© Shawn Stratton

Leaders are Learners at the Core! (tweet that)

As you head into a new year and reflect on the past year, ask yourself:

  • Are you leading on the edge?
  • What new skill or body of knowledge did you learn this year to help you improve as a leader? 
  • Are you taking full advantage of your professional development budget?

Please share your thoughts to these questions in the comments below.