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Shawn Stratton works with organizations to strengthen leadership skills that translate into powerful teams.  Founder of the LiveMore Group, an organization that helps people maximize their potential and productivity, Shawn has designed presentations and retreats for both small businesses and large corporations, offering teams of all sizes the inspiration and tools to flourish in this unpredictable, exciting economic environment.

Encourage Your Team to Personalize Their Workspace

If you are reading this in your usual workspace, look around: what does this space say about you? Is it as bare as the day you moved into the space? Does it have the mandatory corporate flare of inspirational posters and the latest promotion? Or, is it decked out with family photos and your children’s artwork? When I have a meeting at a bank, I always notice how sterile their offices feel. There is never any personal effect on display, not even family photos. Last year, I was meeting with my account manager and we were talking about our families. As I looked around, I noticed the only thing on the walls were posters of the latest corporate promotions and on his desk were business cards and a holder for corporate trifold brochures. I had observed this for years but this time I decided to ask him why he didn’t have a photo of his family on the wall or his desk. I was shocked when he said that it was a corporate policy that employees were not allowed to display personal effects in their offices. I thought how sad that is. I am all for having a clean office to meet clients in but come on, you can’t even show a family photo. There have been many studies done on the benefits of having employees decorate their workspaces. If you can provide people with a comfortable workspace, they are more likely to be effective. When we are not comfortable, our attention is divided, not focused. When people customize their workspace they feel a sense of ownership, and an...
Why I Almost Cried Over Spilled Hot Chocolate

Why I Almost Cried Over Spilled Hot Chocolate

The other day, I was getting some banana chocolate (see recipe below), for my kids 2 & 4 y/o. It was a treat. We just got home from a cold evening of soccer games and I thought I would give them a little treat to warm up before going to bed. Giving them the treat I also thought they may be a little better behaved for me going to bed instead of putting up with their usual antics. Soccer goes a little late and always puts me into rush mode to get them to bed at a close to reasonable time, which never happens. They were excited for the hot chocolate and the fact they could drink it out of the big kids’ cup, not the usual sippy cups. As I passed the cup to Trinity (the 2 y/o) I looked her in the eye and said “now be careful not to drop it”. Being 2, she is pretty good at dropping cups with liquid in it. I walked back in the kitchen to pour my own hot chocolate and not 5 seconds later I hear the cup hit the floor followed by uh oh. Rushing back to the table, I see her cup on the floor with the hot chocolate sprayed across the floor, on three chairs and halfway up two walls. I don’t even know how it got that far up the wall. For that moment and for the next 10 minutes while I cleaned, my world had caved in on me. I wanted to shout from the rooftop, exit the house and run away. Did my house...
7 Ways to Make Someone Feel Great Today

7 Ways to Make Someone Feel Great Today

As I was backpacking around the world, leading expeditions in my 20s, my grandmother back in St. John’s, Newfoundland, was always eager to hear from me on how I was doing. At one point, she actually told me to call her collect from anywhere, so I did. I called her from a remote village in the Himalayas, from an apple orchard in New Zealand and from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. She was shocked and thrilled each time I called. She would tell my parents how it made her day. The calls were short and usually revolved around the weather at home and where I was, but it didn’t matter. She appreciated the calls so much that each time I called, when I got back to my mailbox there was usually a $10 cheque from her saying thank you for the call. Think of a time someone made you feel great. It probably wasn’t because they gave you a huge or special gift. Most likely it was a small gift or no gift at all, just an action or an experience. Here are 7 ways to make someone feel great today: 1. Write random notes of thanks and support: We all love to be cheered on and we all love to be appreciated. An easy way to show encouragement and gratitude is by writing short notes expressing your feelings. This could be on a post-it note on a colleague’s desk or a well-written Thank You card sent by snail mail, it doesn’t matter. The act of doing is what’s most important. 2. Find out how they like...


Shawn Stratton, Leadership Motivational Speaker and Consultant

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