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Collective Team Building and Debriefing

Collective Team Building & Debriefing

When they are properly executed, teambuilding activities are pivotal in building a high-performing team. The Adventure Wave model of experiential learning will be incorporated into both interactive teambuilding activities and subsequent debriefing techniques. Effective teambuilding activities teach essential elements for team development including goal setting, communication, trust, and decision-making in a fun and supportive atmosphere. In this session we will work through the five stages of teambuilding activity—Ice Breakers, De-inhibiters, Trust and Empathy, Communication, and Decision Making / Problem Solving—that generate the tools that successfully facilitate fun, metaphor-based, interactive teambuilding activities.


  • How to effectively facilitate interactive teambuilding activities
  • Use strategic metaphor-based learning to debrief teambuilding activities
  • The application of principles learned through debriefing techniques to individual relevant work and life situations