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Make the commitment to a dream!

Today I signed up to run my first marathon. I will be doing the Vancouver marathon in less than 9 weeks, on May 3. Registering, paying the fees, and booking the flights for this race is a big deal for me. In the past three years I have trained for the Vancouver marathon twice and both times I held off registering until just before the race because I was afraid I would get injured. Well, three weeks before the races I developed a serious knee injury that kept me from racing. I didn’t register because for some reason I knew I was going to get injured. Negative thinking has never helped anyone. Now that I have officially registered and put my money where my mouth is I am feeling much more positive about being fit for the race this year.

Besides some shin splints from time to time my training is going very well. Last weekend I ran 27 km and this weekend I think I will do about 30 km. I have been doing a ton of cross training this winter in getting ready for my Ironman triathlon in August and think. I believe this cross training has really helped prevent injuries.

My first goal is to finish and my second goal is to have a time under 3:15 so I can qualify for the Boston marathon. You know what they say about goals that you share and write down…… well there you go. I will need all the help I can get.

So what dream have you been putting off committing too? Take the leap, pay the money, book the flight, and tell your loved ones; you’ll feel better for it. I would love to hear about the next dream you are going after you can reach me at
LiveMore today, it could be your last.

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