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Silver-Lining Adventures

Silver-Lining Adventures

The art of gaining perspective and tolerance in a crisis

In this stirring keynote, Shawn shares real-life stories and lessons of how he has narrowly avoided disaster. These stories range from his training for, running in, and experiencing first-hand the chaos of the 2013 Boston Marathon to losing irreplaceable personal effects as a result of one careless action. These very different, yet inspiring, tales come together through shared themes of gaining perspective and suspending judgment. As a teambuilding professional, Shawn explains how broadening your outlook, persevering, and taking a moment to show tolerance and patience for others can enhance team and leadership skills, especially in times of conflict or crisis.  

Develop your teambuilding and leadership skills through inspiring stories that teach perspective and tolerance. Face difficulties in life and business with a sense of adventure and reap the benefits of that bold perspective.

Key takeaways

Judgment: First impressions are not always true reflections of one’s character

Crisis management: Continually gather information and communicate effectively

Perspective: Expand your horizons and you will have a different viewpoint