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Helping teams reach their potential through leadership.

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maersk_logo“I am writing to both endorse and recommend LiveMore Group as a provider of Corporate Team Building facilitation to any organization. Shawn helped us achieve the overall objective of the event as well as having fun along the way. The knowledge and skills we gained from our day together are already being applied in the office. I was very impressed with Shawn’s professionalism and passion for team development.”

Chris Bailey / Managing Director / Maersk Supply Service2

Eastern Health“Shawn is a really inspirational man. I think it would be great for Shawn to speak in high schools. I think too many individuals who do not fit into traditional educational systems struggle to fit into “mainstream” careers, and Shawn’s finding something that fits so perfectly for him would be a nice thing to show high schoolers. It may get them thinking outside the box about career. Thank you so much for presenting to our AAHP recognition celebration audience. The presentation left me with a really positive feeling.”



Eastern Health

Newfoundland TakeCgarge Team, Shawn Stratton





[youtube id=”8lpR9q4pMMc”]

Newfoundland Power takeCharge Team


TEDxOn behalf of the TEDxStJohns Executive Planning committee, I would like congratulate you on delivering an outstanding presentation. We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from the audience. “ Exciting, funny, breathtaking images & powerful story” were all words used to describe your talk.  

Working with you has been easy and an absolute pleasure. We appreciate your willingness to adapt to fit with TED’s unique format and theme.  Your professionalism and positive attitude are evident in everything you did, from rehearsals to the inevitable minor tech problem on our end, you rolled with the punches and delivered an outstanding lesson on team-building. We would love the opportunity to work with you again.

TEDxStJohns Executive Planning Committee.




“Shawn’s dynamic, inspirational presentation on teamwork was fantastic. Shawn’s simple techniques to motivate and recognize the members of our organization were simple, practical and relevant. His stories and use of multi-media captivated and engaged the audience. His presentation was an excellent reminder of the contribution volunteers to our organization. They go above and beyond…And Then Some!


Jens Hosel / Military Family Resource Centre

“It was a pleasure working with Shawn in the planning and delivery of our 2-day leadership team retreat. From the planning stages through to the facilitation, Shawn was a consummate professional and easy to work with. His expertise and passion for organizational team building were evident as he led our team through a riveting series of fun, thought provoking activities. Teamwork and mutual respect were themes that were maintained throughout the retreat and positively impacted our team exercises.”

Manager, Human Resources / Suncor Energy3

“On behalf of AMEC Earth and Environmental, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the impact your Leadership Retreat has had on our local operation. Each and every one of the participants has commented on how useful it was both from a personal and professional growth perspective. Although the retreat was held only a few weeks ago, I have noticed a renewed interest and energy in all our management staff. The teamwork recipe we developed is on the wall of our office and serves as a constant reminder of the commitment we have made to each other. This is so vital to our operations. I would recommend your curriculum to any business who values teamwork and sees benefit in developing leadership skills in its line managers.” 

Rod Winsor / Business Manager / AMEC Earth & Environmental

“Our organization, like many others, is going through significant internal change, as well as grappling with a generationally diverse workforce and a rapidly changing technological platform. Workload pressure and stress are at an all time high. Shawn created an environment, far removed from the workplace and workplace roles, that allowed us to reconnect as human beings and to recognize the value of our colleagues as well as the impact our own behavior patterns can have on maximizing our potential as a team. He led the team through this process through fun, active and energizing exercises that brought everyone together and generated plenty of laughs and smiles along the way. I would highly recommend Shawn to any team looking to maximize their potential.”

Lee Marshall / Area Director / Veterans Affairs Canada



Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 12.56.45 PMOn behalf of myself and the entire team here at Meridian, I would like to thank you so much for the very informative and inspiring session you shared with us. The valuable tools and accomplishments that you presented on team-building and leadership, as fostered from your many life experiences on leading wilderness expeditions, was absolutely perfect. In reflecting upon your experiences and using these situations to communicate your lessons was not only captivating, but very intense and high-energy. I was really impressed on how you personalized and customized the presentation for Meridian. Despite the vast differences between wilderness survival and the engineering consulting industry, I was truly amazed on how your experiences and skills developed on these expeditions were so transferable and valuable to the growth of our very own engineering team. Your presentation left us with not only the excitement and enthusiasm to improve professionally, but to also evaluate our personal lives and make all of our teams strong.

Lee Bennett, P. Eng, Vice President, Operations 
Meridian Engineering 

Meridan EngineeringMeridan Engineering

Troy Croft Executive Director Sport Newfoundland and Labrador, Shawn Stratton“Shawn uses insightful, often hilarious, stories ranging from the Himalayas to the 2013 Boston Marathon to create powerful lessons for everyday challenges that resonated with the audience at our AGM'”

Troy Croft

Executive Director


Sport Newfoundland and Labrador