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You are a Role Model for More Than You Think

You are a Role Model for More Than You Think

Role Model As spring is taking shape here in Calgary, it’s great to see so many parents out riding their bike with their kids. The one thing that isn’t so nice and drives me crazy is seeing the kids wearing helmets but the parents’ riding next to them not wearing a helmet. I wonder what they say when their child asks them why they are not wearing a helmet.

Are You A Role Model?

In a workshop of senior managers I conducted a few weeks ago, I asked them to write down the people they feel they are role models for. Most wrote the names of their younger family members and a few employees. They were not long lists. Then I asked them to write down the role models they have had in their life. The lists were much larger this time.

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I asked them how many people on your list of role models do not know they are a role model for you? This was an a-ha moment for many of the participants. You see, more people look up to you than you imagine. The quicker you realize this, the sooner you start holding yourself up to a higher standard and start making yourself more accountable for your actions.

As a workplace leader, project manager, volunteer, and/or parent, you are a role model for more people than you realize. People look up to you and are watching your every move. They watch how you communicate to them and others verbally, in emails, and in social media, etc.

Have you ever been asked for advice on a topic that has caught you off guard? The person asking sees you as a role model on that topic and you didn’t even know it.

Are you being the best role model you can be?

Role Model

Being the best role model doesn’t mean you need to be perfect but you do need to be keenly aware of your actions and communication with others. We all have flaws, struggles and insecurities. If you mess up and other people are affected, apologize, admit responsibility, and make amends to rectify the situation. These actions will gain you more respect than avoiding or covering up the issues ever would.

Marty Zwilling has developed a nice list of quality role model behaviors’ titled The Seven Traits of a Role Model. You can read it at this LINK.

Action: Take a moment and write out a list of all the people you believe see you as a role model. Now, besides each name give yourself a grade from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best role model you could possibly be. Next to any score less than 8, write two things you can do as role model for that person to become an 8 or even a 10.

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