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Update – On The Move… Again With A New Addition

Update – On The Move… Again With A New Addition

2017-07-04 17.53.06Summer is here and it is time for a short update before the summer ‘Best Of’ blog schedule kicks in next week.

As I write this, my wife is 6 days overdue with our third child. It is a very exciting time and waiting is driving all of us a little nuts. She will come soon enough, when she is ready.

It has been a year since I have written a short update on the life of Shawn. In my last update, we (the family) were about to leave Calgary and visit family and friends in St. John’s before moving to Oxford, England for a year. It is hard to believe our year in Oxford is just about up and we are about to be on the move again.

It has been a wonderful year in England. Wanting to invest in more experiences and less stuff we have been able to travel extensively around the U.K. and a little in Ireland, mainland Europe and the Middle East. We have survived a year without owning a car and put many miles on our bikes with the kid trailer. The kids now have cute English accents and we have enjoyed making friends from around the world who are living here.

We are excited to be moving back to Canada and a new city for us, Ottawa. With Alexandra’s medical training now finished we are looking to put down some roots in Ottawa and make it our home for the foreseeable future.

I have many exciting business plans for the fall that will allow me to add more value to help you take your leadership and team development skills to the next level.

I will be offering several new and exciting products in the fall including a new book and a Leadership Mastermind for engaged leaders looking to increase their capacity through structured peer support.

In an effort to spend quality time with my family this summer while the kids are off school and we travel back to and around Canada, I will take a short break from writing new blogs. Not wanting to leave you without any leadership content from me, over the next two months I will be posting archived blogs post that have received the most downloads over the past few years.

I will still be checking email so if I can help you in any way please reach out to me.

I hope you have an outstanding summer and I will catch up with you in September.

Much Love!!



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