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The Shawn Stratton Store:

TEAMS ON THE EDGE gives readers a front-row seat during challenging wilderness expeditions to remote locations in India, Mexico, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon. Along the way, Shawn Stratton highlights the power of team dynamics and life-saving decision-making skills–skills that were put to good use as his group’s navigated isolated mountain ranges, treacherous glaciers, and raging rivers. Stratton offers a behind-the-scenes look into his time as a former senior instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Juggling the roles of expedition leader, teacher, and medical care provider, he discovers that the secret to success lies in the strength of the teams around him.

TEAMS ON THE EDGE shares valuable leadership and team- building lessons that can be applied anywhere, from the wilderness to the workplace.


Book Endorsements

This book is an example of how some of the best lessons are learned in ‘a classroom without walls.’ Shawn’s easy going, natural storytelling teaches about teamwork at every turn, yet you get so wrapped up in the stories you hardly notice you’re learning along the way.

David Breashears

Filmmaker, Mountaineer, Author, and Founder, Glacier Works

“Shawn writes from a place of passion, dedication, and a burning desire to always do better. His stories are both gripping and inspirational. They make you want to sling your backpack over your shoulder and head off for adventure.”

Ray Zahab

Adventurer, Ultramarathon Runner Author, Founder, impossible2Possible

“TEAMS ON THE EDGE is a testament to how teams can be shaped, molded, and taught how to achieve incredible results. Through his gripping storytelling Shawn makes you feel like you’re living the adventures alongside him and in the end the result is a transformed reader with a more thorough understanding of how to make teams better.”

Sami Jo Small

Canadian Olympic Hockey Goalie, 3-time medallist Author, Professional Speaker

“From high school kids to corporate CEOs and everyone in-between – there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be inspired by Teams on the Edge and benefit from putting its heartfelt lessons into practice.”

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Social Innovation, Twitter, Inc.

“TEAMS ON THE EDGE is a great read and contains many valuable lessons for both wilderness and urban leaders. Each story drives home the importance of caring, competent leadership and the importance of building a strong team.” — TA Loeffler, PhD Professor of Outdoor Recreation at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Author, Mountaineer “Great read. Stratton paints a great picture of the NOLS instructor lifestyle: the good, bad, and ugly. Anyone who wants to be a NOLS instructor should read this book.”

Darran Wells

Associate Professor of Outdoor Education & Leadership at Central Wyoming College, Senior NOLS Instructor, Author of NOLS Wilderness Navigation