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Do you know what you are doing?

Here is a guest blog post I recently wrote for Your Life Unlimited, it goes along with the radio interview I did with Stephanie Staples.

Your Life Unlimited

It has been said that a team is only as strong as its weakest member, but beyond that, does each member of your team know what is expected of them? No high-performance team is worth its weight if the members who make up the team don’t understand their role and have clear expectations. Flight attendants ensure that those in the exit row are aware of, understand, and agree to their role of helping in the event of an emergency. Just the same, as the team leader, lay out roles and expectations of team members prior to take-off. Leaders don’t exist outside of their team, first and foremost they are a part of the team because there would be no team without them, and second to that, they lead. Therefore, it is the role of the leader to model the behavior they expect of their members by first knowing and understanding their leadership role and then making member roles clear to each individual.

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