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I will try = I won’t!

Many of you have heard the saying there are those who say they can’t and those who say they can, and they are both right. Well I have a new one for you, “there are those who say they will try, won’t”.

When asked to do something or be somewhere, saying I will try, to do it or make it usually means I won’t but as human beings it is so hard for us to say no. We don’t like to disappoint people so we tell them “we’ll try”. That way we don’t have to say NO and it gives us an out if we don’t do it because we never did fully commit.

What we should really say instead of saying I will try is “sorry I am unable to ….. because I will be doing something else of higher priority. Too bad that doesn’t roll off the tongue like “I will try.”

The next time you are about to say “I will try” think twice and come up with something more appropriate.

Till next time; LiveMore today!