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Investing in Education

When I finished university I remember thinking, tank goodness I got all of that learning out of the way and now I can go on with my life playing and making money.

Little did I know that was just the start of my education. It has been said the best way to learn something well is to teach it. Perhaps that is why I am so good at camping!

I am now a firm believer that investing your own money in continuing education will most likely give you the best return on investment these days.

I have just returned from the Canadian Professional Speakers Convention in Calgary where I have learned a ton of information on the business of speaking professionally. With in a week of returning I am already starting to see the payoff of attending this amazing conference.

Ask yourself today “how will I invest in my own education this year.” Many employers with cover some of the cost to attend professional development seminars but if they don’t using your own money will likely be an excellent investment.