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The Thrill of Achieving Personal Goals – Why I Run

The Thrill of Achieving Personal Goals – Why I Run

boston-strong-logoNext week I will be running my second Boston Marathon, in lite of which I thought I would address the question I often get: why do you run?

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One of the most emotional moments I have ever had in achieving a goal was completing my second marathon. No it wasn’t finishing my first Ironman or the Boston Marathon with thousands of people cheering me on at the finish line. In fact, it was completing the St. John’s Marathon with a dozen or so spectators at the finish.

The reason for my emotion was that I had achieved a long time goal of mine, i.e. running a marathon under 3 hours. I didn’t hoot and holler at the finish. No one around would have known the enormity of the moment for me as I choked up and that was just fine. I achieved a massive personal goal that I had worked my ass off for years, that only I cared about, and that is the joy of it.

For me, running is a personal goal I have direct control over. A run is completed by only me and for the most part the success and failure I achieve is directly from my actions, not anyone else’s. Many of the other goals in my life revolve around other people, namely business and family goals. Sure, I can have a significant impact in these areas but the results also hinge on the desires and actions of other people.

I have sales goals and audience growth goals for my business but at the end of the day, I can’t directly control if someone buys from me or signs up to receive my content through blogs, webinars or speaking events. I have family goals for our vacations. When we go, where and what we will do, but that’s just me. I may need to compromise on these with the rest of the family.

My-Personal-GoalsThat brings me back to running. Setting stretch running goals and setting out on the journey to achieve them gets my blood pumping with excitement. The possibility of achieving something I may not have thought was possible, through my own hard work is exciting. It’s an ADVENTURE! With running, sometimes I feel the healthy aspects that come with it are a bonus for me.

Some people run for health and fitness but I run because it is a hobby and a passion.

What is your passion? What personal stretch goals can you make in pursuing your passion? Get in control and go achieve them.

What passion do you like to pursue?

Following a passion allows you to be more than you think you can. It drives you to push limits (limits which you often create for yourself) and it gives you the opportunity to inspire.

Challenges build a mountain of inner resilience that will allow you to complete anything to which you deeply commit.

Action: Set 1 stretch goal for an activity you are passionate about. You will know when it is the right goal because as you write it and say it out loud your heart rate increases and you experience a slight sense of fear, a good fear.

Until next week… Embrace the Adventure


Shawn Stratton is an international leadership and team building consultant, professional speaker, bestselling author, Ironman competitor, and expedition guide.

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